Tuesday, October 16, 2018

NYQSO Party 2018 - Saturday 10/20/18

We're getting close........the NYQSO Party is this Saturday.   

Check out the activation page at NYQP.org:

 Please upload your NYQP plans...please activate your county or one close to you.  Please ask your friends to get on the air on Saturday.  The spotlight will be on NY this Saturday from 10am-10pm eastern time. 
Oh yeah....rules are here. 
Exchange is:  Signal Report and County Abbreviation for in-state and Signal Report and state, province, DX for out-of-state.

Also check out the current plaque page:
NYQP has the best Sponsorship Team in the game.  When you see one of the sponsors, please tell them thank you.  Without them, a healthy NYQP could not exist.

See you on Saturday!  73, Dean, NW2K

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