Sunday, January 20, 2019

Liverpool ARC - Extra Class - coming in March 2019

Hello everyone

Here is the schedule for the Amateur Extra Class in March.  Anyone interested in attending OR presenting any part of this program is asked to send an email to  This allows us to be able to maintain a complete distribution list for any updates or additions.  We will distribute a list of attendees to everyone so you might be able to partner up for travel or study.  Please note that this program is open to ANY current General Class license holder irrespective of membership.  Anyone (brave souls) interested in joining the class without the General Class license will need to pass that exam before they can take the Extra Class exam.

We encourage everyone to obtain the ARRL License Manual prior to the start of class.  Also, we have found that anyone who regularly utilizes any of the websites dedicated to the ARRL Question Pool more than DOUBLES their chance on passing the final exam.  Use that tool to identify the areas of weakness so you are able to utilize your study and class time to improve your understanding.

Thanks for your interest in advancing your skills in Amateur Radio to take full advantage of the added (and less crowded) bandwidth.

Liverpool Amateur Repeater Club

Schedule and Course Outline below:

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