Friday, April 19, 2019

Receive only antennas

On the morning commute/coffee clutch this morning a few of us had an interesting conversation about receive only antennas. We talked about long random wires strung around the yard and maybe using a chain link fence to support a wire antenna. The topic of the tried and true Beverage antenna also came into the discussion. As we shared ideas I thought we ought to highlight some of  the places to find good information on various receive only antenna options here on

Many of the HF rigs today have a separate receive only antenna port for this purpose. Seasoned DXers will tell you about some nice low noise performance with receive only antenna designs. Many of us also like to experiment with DC to daylight SDR receivers and any/ALL options for the best receive antennas to use with them. I did a brief search for some background and ideas for the best receiving antennas out there. In my search I found some very interesting articles and web pages. Here are a few on-line spots I found that you can start with:

WØBTU Beverage Receiving Antennas
How to build your own one- or two-wire Beverage antennas that work great.

W8JI Receive Antenna site link:

W8JI Beverage antenna info link:

VE6EY Bevearge antenna article:

DX Zone receiving antenna ideas/links:

W7VO Beverage Antenna link:

Let us know about your favorite receive antenna at or leave a comment here.

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