Wednesday, March 11, 2020

FLDIGI - RARA Academy - Rochester 3/14/20

RaRa Academy
FLDIGI Digital Software
FLDigi Software
Saturday March 14th, 2020 (11:30am-2:00pm — Note the Time Change!)
Learn how Fldigi decodes digital modes and how it is used with NBEMS (Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System) to pass traffic on the HF and VHF bands.
Presenters: Paul Conaway, KD2DO, Brian O'Connor, KA2CGB, Mark Pedersen, KC2UES and Jon Dickason, N2JAC
Bring your laptop with Fldigi installed and follow along with the presentation. See W1HKJ website for information and download links.
Special Note: Since the US is currently experiencing a proliferation of the COVID-19 virus, please exercise judgment and care. If you are ill, have been exposed or at risk, please check the CDC website and New York State DOH for more information. As a precaution, we will be wiping down everything prior to the meeting.
Please take advantage of the RaRa sponsored training and operating opportunities.

Timothy Brown,
FCC Callsign: WB2PAY
RaRa Education Coordinator
cell: 585 750 2087

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