Thursday, March 26, 2020

Radio Frequency Interference (RFI)

Most of us have become very aware of the rising noise floor on our radio spectrum. Many of us are experiencing various noise issues that are significantly cutting in to the ability to enjoy our hobby. It's not unusual in urban areas these days to have a noise level that rises to a range of S7-S9. The proliferation of mobile devices, consumer and industrial electronics with high speed microprocessors and switch mode power supplies, along with new lighting technologies are adding to the pollution of our radio waves. Issues with solar arrays and local power distribution also add to this rising level of noise.

So what can you do about it and where do you start?

We thought we would try to gather some links to some helpful RFI web sites as well as articles with techniques to chase down different types of RFI.

We have started with some info that we have recently found, but if you have any to other information or experiences to share, please leave a comment below or email us at


Dave Casler KE0OG - "Noise" YouTube Videos (1&2):

NK7Z web site with many RFI mitigation articles:

START with this one, house-cleaning.....its very good!!

Another very good RFI site:

ARRL RFI information web page (some very good info here):

Article from Interference Technology magazine:

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