Monday, April 3, 2023

147.00 Auburn repeater update

 Just a quick update on the W2QYT 147.00 repeater in Auburn N.Y. from K2INH:

Some folks with certain, mostly Yaesu radios that had been experiencing problems getting into the repeater. There seemed to be an issue with the 71.9 PL tone opening the repeater.

The good news; there was an issue found with the controller board and a new controller looks to have solved the problem. If you were experiencing any issues, please give it a try!


Just a quick note and link about the W2QYT 147.00 Repeater  history and founder:

We have recently uncovered an interesting interview with Jack Smith; W2QYT (Silent Key) from the mid-1990's.

What a great piece of Ham Radio history! Jack explains his start in Amateur Radio, repeater theory and operation of the 147.00 repeater (Auburn/Niles NY). Jack was a pillar of Ham Radio knowledge and experience here in CNY. We miss Jack's smiling face and booming voice on the airwaves here in Upstate NY. Thanks to John Luebs; N2PMQ (SK) and Lou Barbaglia; N2XSG who put this video together with Jack back many years ago.

If you have a memory of Jack or the W2QYT 147.00 repeater, PLEASE feel free to leave a comment below.

Check out the interview on our UpstateHam YouTube channel at:

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