NY Statewide UHF Linked Repeaters - System 1 "The Empire State Network":

SYSTEM is only partially connected in NY as of 1/15/19....some repeaters may still be in use. Looking for updates. 

This is a great system and fun to use. Coverage from Albany to Buffalo, south to Cortland and north to Lake Ontario and the Adirondacks.Thanks to all the repeater owners and trustees for all their hard work that makes this system possible.

The "Empire State Network" statewide linked repeater system (System 1)

147.36+ PL 91.5  Albany/Lake Nancy N2FEP(K2LM)  (added PL tone 5/12/14)
444.400+ PL 103.5 Fonda/Ilion KB2AUJ/R
442.100+ PL 103.5 Frankfort KA2FWN/R
442.575+ PL 103.5 Utica KA2FWN/R (temporarily disconnected from this system? on north/south system?)
449.925- PL 151.4 Remsen KB2AUJ/R
442.850+ PL 71.9 Cortland KB2FAF/R
443.100+ PL 103.5 Syracuse WA2AUL/R
442.400+ PL 103.5 Syracuse KD2SL/R
449.425- PL 103.5 Watertown/Dry Hill, KA2FWN/R(back connected 10/12/16 )
442.350+ PL 103.5 Oswego K2QQY/R
444.150+ PL 71.9 Auburn W2QYT/R
444.550+ PL 110.9 Bristol WR2AHL/R (no longer linked in?)
442.000+ PL 110.9 Whethersfield WR2AHL (covers Buffalo area)
442.100+ PL 88.5 Colden W2IVB (no longer linked in?)

***Link to the REPEATER SYSTEM MAP: http://goo.gl/maps/JK7xt

These are the active repeaters on the statewide system west from Albany to Buffalo and north to Oswego and Watertown. Program them into (14) successive memory locations in your radio and spin the "knob" as you drive across the state!

Thanks to the owners/trustees; Clint-N2FMM, Mike-W2HYP, Bob-KA2FWN, Kevin-KD2SL, Jack-W2QYT, Chris - KB2FAF, Bob-N2FEP, Mike-KB2AUJ, Darrell K1DCC and Jim-K2LM for helping me update the latest status on their great linked system.


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  2. Just checked W2IVB and the repeater is alive and well. Maybe off the ESN?

  3. Yesterday I took a drive to the NYS Fair from Saratoga to Syracuse so I figured I'd try out the linked system to keep in touch with Family in Saratoga. Lake Nancy worked fine, when I started out, but I couldn't bring up Fonda, Frankfort, or Utica (didn't key up even though it may not be linked. I did hit Remsen, but by that point my family wasn't listening on the Lake Nancy machine to verify if the link was working. I pulled up one of the Syracuse machines, I can't recall which but I think it was the KD2SL one on 442.400

  4. Hi can you please give me the call sign for the empire state link system or all star node? or echo link node? thank you siri6471@gmail.com

  5. Sorry it's the NY state wide info I need

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