Sunday, December 8, 2013

220 Mhz Repeaters

There has been a recent surge in local repeater activity on 220 Mhz. New repeaters in Syracuse and Newark, along with some new ones being planned for Auburn and Ithaca, make 220 mhz a viable option for many upstate hams. There are also quite a number of 220 Mhz repeaters in both Rochester and Buffalo. Here is a summary of the CNY 220 mhz repeaters that I am aware are presently active. If you can confirm others, please send me an e-mail (

224.120 (-) PL = 103.5, Syracuse (Sentinel Heights) KD2SL
224.900 (-) PL=82.5, Newark,  N2TKR (temp off air Feb. 2017)
224.260 (-) PL 110.9, Romulus, W2ACC
224.160 (-) PL = 141.3, Whethersfield (Attica) WA2CAM
224.700 (-) PL = 88.5, Orangeville (Attica) K2XZ
224.580 (-) PL = 110.9, Rochester; N2HJD
224.680 (-) PL = 110.9, Bristol; W2IMT
224.660 (-) No PL, Utica (Deerfield), WA2CAV
224.260 (-) No PL, Verona, (Rome) KA2NIL (temp. off-the-air, looking for a new site)

You may also hear some folks chatting on Simplex at 223.400 or 223.500 Mhz.
(see the ARRL band plan for more details at: )

Some newer multi-band HT's have the 220 mhz capability, but a fairly inexpensive radio that I purchased recently is the TYT-9000, 220 mhz single band mobile. It comes with the programming software and a DTMF microphone.You can find them online in the $150-200 range. Several Syracuse friends suggested this model to me and I have no regrets.


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  1. 220 is alive and well in Northern Ohio as well:

    Come see.

    73 de KE8GKO