Sunday, December 15, 2013

Public Service Monitoring today.....

Monitoring public service communications is rapidly changing. Many local, state and federal agencies have gone to Digital Radio Systems. Cayuga, Oswego, Onondaga and Madison counties have switched over to the Central New York Interoperable Communications Consortium (CNYICC) Network, which is a P25 digital trunking system. Analog radio and scanning receivers will not properly receive the audio from this system. 

Don't worry too much, because there are several options. 

Scanner listeners in Cayuga, Oswego, Onondaga and Madison counties can use a digital trunking receiver to listen to this system. Scanners such as the Uniden BCD 396X/T and 996X/T, Uniden Home Patrol and the Radio Shack Pro-197(same as GRE PSR-600) are excellent radios for listening to the new CNYICC system.

There is also an analog simulcast of Cayuga County Fire/EMS dispatch that you can still receive on 453.41250 mhz. Also Onondaga County Fire dispatch simulcasts on 453.850, 82.5 PL and EMS on 460.025, 82.5 PL. Unfortunately Law Enforcement and Municipal services are not simulcast on any analog frequencies.

Another option is live Scanner feeds from the Internet on your personal computer. Internet feeds can be found at as well as http:/ Hams can also keep track of their favorite repeaters when away from the radio.One local feed from Stan; N2STC covers Oneida County ( There are also several other feeds covering different areas of upstate NY. 

Learn more about the CNYICC system and frquencies at:

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  1. Thanks for the mention Tony! Great article and blog! I welcome feedback(pardon the pun) from my listeners.
    Along with repeaters, the Oneida county 911 (police) frequency is there as well. If you find the 911 frequency annoying, let me know. I am also open to any additions/deletions people may suggest. Happy listening & enjoy.