Saturday, February 21, 2015

Check out this interesting web site!

Over the last several weeks I have had a few conversations with other Hams about how to share information with newer Hams or Hams just returning to the hobby after an absence of years. What is the best coax to use? Which connectors solder or crimp-on? How are you grounding your radio?

One of the most useful web sites that I have found for sound technical amateur radio advice is (link: I find myself going back to this site quite often. K0BG; Allen Applegate has done a very nice job pulling together a large amount of very detailed information.

Quoting Allen; "With safety as a byword, there are articles on amplifiers, antennas, bonding, impedance matching, installing hardware, mobile equipment, noise and RFI abatement, wiring, and much more. The suggestions contained on his web site are based on a best foot forward approach, from my experience". The site is well laid out and very easy to navigate.

There are several dozen topics down the left side of the page.
Some of my favorites are:
- Coax annd PL-259 connectors:
- Grounds, RF & D.C.:
- Installation Notes
- Tricks of the trade

....just to name a few! Check it out. I don't think you can go wrong spending a few minutes on this site.

Another source of useful Amateur Radio information is the LARC Bootcamp training series on the 4th Thursday of each month prior to their regular club meetings. Learn more at:

And don't be afraid to ask for help! ......and to the more experienced, don't be afraid to share some of that knowledge you have gathered through Amateur Radio. That's part of what makes this hobby great; sharing your experience with others.

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