Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Rochester VHF Group

Are you interested in FM DXing and the world above 30 Mhz? The Rochester VHF Group has Monday and Thursday evening nets on both 2M and 6M. We have mentioned them on this site once before, but we heard some folks talking about this group and thought we should get out a link to their web site. The Rochester VHF Group is the oldest continuously operating amateur organization dedicated to VHF and above activities. Be sure to learn more about this group at the address listed below.
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The group meets twice a week on the air for an open net. Why not give them a listen, better yet a check-in?

144.260 Mhz SSB on Monday's at 9pm 

50.200 Mhz SSB on Thursday's at 9pm

Learn more about the group at:

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