Thursday, December 13, 2018

Shortwave News and Information - SWLing Post blog

I know a lot of people say that shortwave listening is dead, but I would tend to disagree. Though its not what it once was, there is still a lot of interesting content out on the low bands. If you want to know the real state of SWL and get the latest news and reviews, we would suggest you check out the SWLing Post blog ( ).

The SWLing Post is a community of shortwave radio and amateur radio enthusiasts sharing shortwave radio reviews, news, broadcasting, pirate radio, numbers stations, interviews, and much more.

They aim to provide quality content in the form of:
- Everything radio, with a focus on the HF/Shortwave portions of the spectrum
- International broadcasting news
 - Amateur radio news
- Interviews
- The internet and, specifically how it influences radio broadcasters
- The history and future of shortwave radio
- Shortwave radio reviews

SWLing Contributors/Authors:
The primary contributor on the SWLing Post is Thomas Witherspoon (K4SWL / M0CYI). He has been a passionate supporter of shortwave radio and international broadcasting most of his life. Thomas is also the founder and director of radio-based charity, Ears To Our World; you can read about this organization at their website.*

Thomas has been interviewed on Radio Canada International, the BBC World Service, PRI’s The World Technology Podcast, Radio France International, the Voice of America, the CBC and many other broadcasters.

Thomas has also been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Popular Communications Magazine, WRTH (World Radio and TV Handbook), and the Monitoring Times.

Additionally, the SWLing Post has other contributors (identified in each article when applicable) and occasionally employs a professional editor.
Another very good source of Shortwave information is the Shortwave central blog:

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